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Anyone know?

What is the end credits song?
And where can i get it?

Hmm. Didn't like it in the beginning, buuuut...

Definatetly got better in the end. I wish i knew more spanish so i could review in it, but sadly 4 years isn't enough. :D

The ending was abrupt, and that's my only complaint.

AW Yes!

As awesome as ever, alvin earthworm. A fitting continuation of the series. I was so happy to see this waiting for me on the front page.

You did pretty well with the graphics this time, and the move away from sprites paid off well in the end. I found myself wishing ALL of the drawings were graphical instead of sprite generated, but i understand that it might be more time consuming.

And i think you'll know what i mean when i say i was disappointed at the end, because it was the end of the show and i wanted more. :D Cliffhangers ftl. Let's hope it's not another year, ya?

Sorry to hear about things in your life, but i hope you can overcome whatever it is. Until next time: Stay sharp!

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I'm a hardcore GS fan.

This was the EASIEST battle i've ever fought. EVER.

All you had to do was spam psynergy until Judgement Day. :P

I'm giving you an 8 out of 10 because you chose to make a GS game. If it were more true to the game, it would have been an easy 10.


Gameplay is perfect.
In response to the review below me, its easy to get more money. If you fail, go to the level screen instead of retrying. You gain money from killing enemies and delivering presents during the level, so just spend the money on weapons.

Thats how i got past level 1 of group 2 kick some more ***es.

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It took a while for it to pick up... about 45 secs to a 1 minute. When it does, it pretty much hits in an instant. The beat just picks up.

The fact that it's slow in the beginning, however much I dislike slow beginnings, suits the song very well. It's very ambient, very trance-like.

Overall, the song is nice. I feel like it gets too quiet in sections, and in places it's like the only thing that's going on is the 8-bit-ish track, but again - it fits.

Every bit as awesome as the original... for different reasons. :)

Why can't you make work I don't like? WHY!?!?!?!?

Songs for me...

They need to hook me at the beginning... They need something strong, some sort of hype, some energy, something new to bring me in.

Then, they need to keep me.

You, my friend... earned a download within 20 seconds. Well done. :)

The epic squeaking strings did great work, and made things very serene and ethereal, and the constant whining synth in the background did its job as well. Great melody, and everything was kept together to its theme. It was all calm, it was all cool...
and it was all epic. 10/10, 5/5. Thanks for this gem!
~Solis Knight

Feddey responds:

Thanx! :D
I appreciate your review and i'm glad that you enjoyed it! =)
My earlier submissions are much the same, check it out if you want more! =)

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I think this pic is sweet, though you could have done better with the waves. Too simple. The rest, though, is really cool.

Nice job!


I have just found a cover for my Newgrounds Audio album. Sweet!
Cusomization rules...

pradatb responds:

Cool, I'me really happy you enjoyed my art. :)


Honestly, the only thing missing is color... And then the only thing i find wanting is a background better than leaves.

The only thing i hate about Tails is his portrayal as a child. This picture is everything and more that I want to see out of tails. So much potential... Keep up the good work.

Im a dude. I like to watch funny things on Newgrounds. I write stories in my spare time. Also play videogames. Now i use FL Studio to make some music.

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